They came up on the streets again – a little wild, rebellious, but above all free. Rumors say that when they arrive, is coming a new… Probably, they bring energy of power. They activate the START button for our good thoughts and actions. Nobody knows who they are, they are from and where they are going. Some people claims that they came from the future. The authorities and the police avoid them. Likewise, hypocritical and psychopathic people. They don’t belive in ideologies and religions, nor in the justice and honesty socially. They believe in the lawe of the heart and mind. They say that one without the other is imperfect. When you meet them, don’t dread! They don’t talk much about themselves, but listen attentively. You can’t keep them, but you can take their power. OUTSIDERS OF FUTURE it’s also a state of mind too…
Take these graphics, enjoy your Outsiders NFT and go with their energy…

My „fast as an arrow”
white Bugatti-Armchair.

Hi Peeps! I am graphic, painter, designer.
I participate in many cool graphic projects, but I also paint with oils, acrylics, etc. I publish my work under various pseudonyms.I create on the Copernic Space Center side as Blue Person(LG) or Paxy Lee on this the website. As you know, I am the creator of the perception of art as the New Art of Humanism… hence much of my work is narrative in nature. I avoid competitions because I don’t compete, and I understand art as a kind of experiencing reality, not a sport. Recently, in Athens „nailed me” 😜The outsider’s energy . I think I love this city, and (like you knows) love is a serious topic 😉 OUTSIDERS of FUTURE is a project created especially for NFT art lovers. I still continues get to knows Outsiders of future… and relays their unique energy…



This time.Where to now? oil on canvas

O WYSTAWIE „RZECZYwistości”. ACK UMCS „Chatka Żaka”, Lublin 2017.01.15-2017.02.04:

W poszukiwaniu magii życia



Łąki szepczą, szeleszczą…., czasem wątpią w istnienie Ogrodnika.

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